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From the President

From the President

Here we are, fresh off the back of a successful Foot Health Week. This year yielded outstanding results, including national news coverage that featured an interview with podiatrist Charlotte Bodell, alongside a patient case study. Both Charlotte and the patient strongly advocated for the importance of regular foot health checks to support overall health. Online engagement also increased during Foot Health Week, with a significant spike in website traffic and increased social media activity.


It was so gratifying to see members get behind this year’s Foot Health Week campaign, with lots of social media tagging taking place, alongside sharing of clinic photos and widespread member use of APodA’s digital and in-clinic resources.


I look forward to delving into the results from this year’s Foot Health Week campaign to study the digital impact, consumer reach, member engagement and full extent of media coverage across a range of sources – online coverage, radio, newspapers and TV. In the meantime however, I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the APodA team and our members for helping to make Foot Health Week the success it was.


In other news, the hard work continues as two milestone reports are in the spotlight: Stepping Up – Podiatry 2030 and the workforce summit report. These APodA reports will better equip our profession with baseline insights and a shared understanding of the complex issues that affect us all – to fuel further conversations and shared learning.


I couldn’t be prouder of the Association for taking such proactive steps in both regards. It certainly becomes clear, when reading both reports, that the challenges and opportunities we face are seldom unique to podiatry. In fact, the complex developments that are outlined – both positive and concerning – are certainly not dependent on one entity ‘fixing’ the issues.


The future of podiatry is indeed fluid and contingent on many variables. And the Association is helping to lead the way in creating such outward-facing documents. The contents within each report demonstrate that positive change is possible, but only when we pull together to take shared responsibility for our future.


These two reports represent an important first step for us all. By aggregating data-driven insights across multiple sectors we can have informed conversations that lead to positive action on many levels.


Have a great month.


Ainslie Davies, President

Spotlight on: Workforce summit report


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Our thinking behind this important piece of work is that we want to all be ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding future opportunities and hurdles; to more effectively influence – and respond to – emerging trends.


Reading and processing this report represents a valuable use of your time. This document offers a unique description of intelligent predictions about the future of podiatry, made by hundreds of industry informants from across Australia.


APodA has gone to great lengths to use its influence as the peak body for podiatry in Australia, to consolidate a range of insights into the report. These insights come from the following informants:


  • Sector surveying: We sent a survey to all members, of which over 160 podiatrists responded. We asked for our members’ predictions and opinions on a wide range of issues including clinical practice, business practices, customer needs, workforces, technology and specific settings.
  • Expert groups: The report served to convene expert groups and industry leaders. This included highly experienced private practitioners, those working in public settings, researchers and academics, advocates and peak body leaders, and those working in both primary and acute (surgical) care. Specific expertise brought by these expert groups includes paediatrics, diabetic foot disease, patient-centred care models, commercial private practice business models and technology.
  • APodA Board: The APodA Board has overseen this project, and ensured content accuracy and relevance during the development of this information.
  • Consultant synthesis: We engaged Andrew Hollo, of Workwell Consulting, to work with us on the above process.


If you haven’t already read this document, please download the report now. It identifies emerging influences that may impact your role in the future. Not only this, but it can help you to maximise future opportunities (and challenges) so you can be ahead of the curve; even before it begins to take shape.

Download the 'Stepping Up - Podiatry 2030' report


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Collaboration that counts

A refresher on ‘work health and safety’

Here is the most commonly asked member question in recent weeks. Don’t forget to check out our member-only web resource for more useful Q+As!


Do clients have a right to access their clinical notes?



The Privacy Act provides clients with the right to access their personal information. A person has the right to seek access only to their own records. Upon receiving a request for access (verbally or in writing), a practitioner must carefully review the client’s record to consider whether there are any circumstances. For example, giving access may pose a serious threat to their life, health or safety or to public health or safety. To read more and to access resources like the new authority to release records template, read up on Clinical Records and Privacy. The below list also appears under ‘Resources’ – shared here as well for ease of access.


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