This time of year can become incredibly busy and it’s important to check in on your mental health and wellbeing. APodA’s partnership with Converge International gives you confidential access to independent and short-term professional support; so you have a safe place to discuss work or personal issues.


How does it work?

It works like an employee assistance program, and it’s available to members of the APodA – by phone 24/7 across 365 days per year.


What can I discuss?

Pretty much anything that’s on your mind. You can access four counselling sessions each year (free of charge for APodA members). You could discuss a range of issues – such as work challenges, feelings of overwhelm, grief or loss, relationship issues, mental health support and so on.


How do I access it?

To book a time with a counsellor call 1300 687 327 to speak with an intake officer who can book an appointment time to suit you. Or download the ‘EAP Connect’ app to book your appointment, or head to Converge international and click on ‘contact us’.


When it’s time for your appointment a counsellor will call you as agreed, or you will meet face-to-face if the appointment has been booked in at one of Converge’s national locations.

What can I expect?

Most of all, you can expect complete confidence – before, during and after your appointment. No information will be shared with either the APodA or your workplace.


Generally speaking, a session will work towards a goal or action plan that helps you to address the issue you have come to speak about. You can choose to book in up to three follow up appointments to continue working through this issue or to discuss other issues that may be causing you stress right now.


No matter what your issue, you can count on Converge’s counsellors to:


  • Understand your situation and gain insights to inform decisions and directions.
  • Develop strategies to drive positive changes in behaviour and lifestyle.
  • Learn how to adapt to change and seize opportunities.
  • Provide coping strategies when dealing with difficult situations.

How to get started

Please contact our team at the APodA if you have any questions, or reach out directly to Converge international via their website or call them on 1300 687 327 – remember to have your APodA membership number handy.