STRIDE: May 2023

Read Full Article Advocacy By APodA Given the documented workforce pressures around hiring and retaining staff, here’s a run-down on some considerations – and benefits – involved when working with allied health assistants. Perhaps you already hire, or work alongside, allied health assistants. Or perhaps you run a practice and are considering employing an allied health assistant […]

STRIDE: April 2023

Feature As World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023 fast approaches on April 28, it’s a good time to review your work (occupational) health and safety matters to support a strong safety culture at work.  Work (occupational) health and safety (WHS) issues can feel overwhelming to navigate, let alone the added (and very […]

STRIDE: March 2023

Sustainability APodA Are you a podiatrist who wants to be more sustainable at work? Here are some areas to focus on. #1 Reduce & reuse Reduce your energy consumption: Turn off lights and equipment when not in use. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances. Use natural lighting where possible. Reduce your paper usage: Switch […]

STRIDE: December 2022

Read Full Article AD A proud STRIDE advertiser VISIT ASICS NEWS UPDATE Member feedback indicates some confusion may exist around which Endorsement for Scheduled Medicines (ESM) pathway is available to pursue. To help clarify this issue, we have put together some Q+As to bear in mind. Q1. What does the Ahpra website say on this […]

STRIDE: November 2022

Read Full Article AD A proud STRIDE advertiser VISIT RESTORATE APodA update In late October we released Stepping Up – Podiatry 2030, which consolidates insights and data to create a blueprint of what the future of podiatry may look like by 2030. Our thinking behind this important piece of work is that we want to […]

STRIDE: September 2022

News Update Are you getting ready for Foot Health Week? It’s taking place between 10 – 18 October this year and this year’s theme is all about celebrating you, the podiatrist.  We are advocating for the role of podiatry across our nationwide communities, especially during this year’s Foot Health Week. The goal is to drive […]