As part of this upcoming series, we’ll look at how workforce shortage and maldistribution across rural and remote areas is being experienced in the lives of podiatrists across Australia. Specifically, how it manifests as both an everyday and longer-term strategic challenge for the profession.

This problem is by no means specific to podiatry, yet a strong sense of belief and commitment has led the Australasian Council of Podiatry Deans (ACPD) to spearhead a workforce agenda to deliver a range of practical initiatives over the coming months and years, supported by the Australian Podiatry Association. 

This series will take a local, national and global look at this challenging issue. We will look beyond podiatry, into the factors that drive workforce shortages across multiple professions and industries. There will be a like-minded focus on workforce retention and career development, given it is one issue to attract potential students, yet another entirely to retain podiatrists over the course of their careers. 

We look forward to exploring such topics with you through this workforce series. If you have any suggestions to contribute in the meantime, or you would like to write an article on this topic, please contact our editor at