When it comes to paying for your team, you want to ensure they remain up to date with the latest developments and that you are supporting them to grow as a podiatrist. As an employer, this can also add value to your practice. From an industrial relations perspective, however, there can be concerns about when an employer is or is not obligated to pay for this training.


This article will look at the benefits of building a strong culture for continuing professional development (CPD), and also explore issues around payment and time off for your team members who attend these professional development activities.

Benefits of CPD

Employer benefits

  • Assists with retaining high-quality staff
  • Offers an attractive benefit for prospective employees
  • Contributes to forming a collective knowledge pool within your practice
  • Encourages a high performance workplace culture
  • Strengthens professional credibility.


Employee benefits

  • Development of professional skills
  • Boosts confidence in one’s ability
  • Increases credibility and professional reputation
  • Increases earning potential
  • Creates potential networking opportunities.


Who pays for professional development?

When it comes to paying for CPD, employer obligations depend on many factors.


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