There is a stack of personality profile tests out there, each designed to find out what makes you tick. So we’ve focussed on all things personality profile related to help you learn more about yourself, and the way you like to learn and how to benefit your relationships with colleagues and clients.

Understanding personality types can help you to understand how you best learn, so let’s dive into the well known Myers-Briggs profiles. Known officially as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) these 16 different personality types cover a range of personality traits, from ‘thinking’ to ‘feeling’, from ‘introvert’ to ‘extrovert’, and so on.


Test your personality profile

If you want to run the test on yourself for free (or on your family and friends!) there are a range of online platforms available. Once you have taken the test, consider then reflecting on how your personality profile can help you to get the most out of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities. For example, the different categories for each personality profile range from being seen as ‘The Helper’ (ESFJ) to ‘The Doer’ (ESTP) or ‘The Performer’ (ESFP). Perhaps reflect on the defined strengths and weaknesses of your profile to discover how you can bring that into your approach for learning?


Get to know you

If you benefit from that experience, consider doing some more ‘career-focussed’ tests, still within the scope of MBTI. These online tests require paid access but they test a range of career issues; from whether you may be close to experiencing burnout or what your career values are through to discovering what kind of leadership style you have and even exploring what motivates you at work to want to succeed.


Happy exploring!


What’s your personality type?

Annette Dodson
By Annette Harris
CPD Manager