The Australian Podiatry Conference is taking place in Brisbane this year, between June 22 to 24. With six different streams on offer, attendees can pick and choose the presentations and topics that interest them the most. Equally exciting is how this year’s workshops and presentations are carefully curated to balance emerging talent alongside established talent, while also embedding a mixture of clinical, research and academic insights across all streams.


What to expect


Specific clinical topics will be prioritised for shared learning given their long term relevance  – such as gout, arthritis, and vascular conditions. In addition, First Nations Q+A workshops and discussions on diversity and disability are woven into the three-day schedule, given due prominence as essential components for everyone’s engagement.


This year, the conference is all about connections, given that this is the first large-scale event run by the APodA since Covid. So, let’s gather in Brisbane to talk face-to-face about how to move forward together as a profession in these unique times.

For example, how can podiatrists collaborate more effectively (and mutually beneficially) with peers who may currently be considered competitors? Or how do the current workforce challenges impact on the way podiatrists will run their business into the future? Or perhaps your next new hire is standing in the same room as you at this Brisbane-event, ready to be introduced?  This conference offers a rare opportunity to explore all of these untapped connections, and much more.


Streams in focus

Below is a sample of what you can expect at some of this year’s conference streams.

Workforce & Education

This stream showcases workshops on endorsement for scheduled medicines. The Saturday business masterclass line-up features two practical sessions for business owners who are impacted by the current workforce shortages, as well potentially financially affected. These sessions will unpack your business KPIs to help you strike a balance between your staff make-up, and your required resources for success.


Podiatric medicine and diagnosis

This stream will take a whole-body approach when considering the health and well-being of patients’ feet. This includes deep-dive discussions on the arterial, vascular supply, and lymphatic systems. In addition, there will be gout workshops, arthritis workshops, and sessions on diagnostic imaging.


Dermatology will also cover a wide range of topics, including the management of skin and nail infections, fungal infections, and wound management. Attendees will hear from first-class experts in their field who will discuss issues, such as the latest management of diabetic foot ulcers. There will also be presentations on how to diagnose and manage onychomycosis and how to manage skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.


Exercise and musculoskeletal

This stream features leading national and international speakers with presentations ranging from how to establish rehab programs, through to exploring injury prevention and management systems within clinics. Sessions will also dive into the latest insights on biomechanics, load and running.


This stream will also feature presentations on the prevention, treatment, and management of sports-related injuries.  Attendees will hear from experts in the field who will speak about new developments in the management of ankle sprains. There will also be a discussion on the role of podiatrists when it comes to the treatment of plantar fasciitis; along with a practical presentation on how to manage stress fractures.


Lesser known but deeply interesting issues will also be presented, such as the impact of colour on orthotic interventions, with fresh insights shared – all ready to take back into clinic the following Monday morning.


Children and adolescent podiatry

The newly formed consensus statement around the use of shockwave therapy in the paediatric population will be discussed at this year’s conference, with opportunities for further conversations to flow from there. Gross motor assessments in the clinic will also be explored in detail – and don’t miss the paediatric pain workshop, featured in the Saturday masterclass line-up.



The business masterclass stream is aimed at business owners, and these workshops will cover a range of topics including marketing, finance, and leadership. Attendees will hear from industry leaders who will discuss the power of social media in marketing your business as well as the challenges of leadership in a rapidly changing business environment. Other topics will include managing cash flow, building effective teams, and measuring business performance – especially in the context of current workforce challenges while also reflecting on the longer term impacts of Covid.


Next steps

All that is left to do is to register now if you haven’t already! See you in Brisbane.