Idea to Impact: An innovator’s roadmap

The inventor’s mindset: the power of ‘yet’

Ben Lindsay
By Ben Lindsay – section editor
Managing Director, Solushin
Ben Lindsay is the inventor of the Solushin medical device and program manager of INCUBATE. You can find Ben's details at the bottom of the article.

Where to start?

Navigating your product’s design, manufacture and commercialisation can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Throughout 2021, I will share tips that I utilise myself (as a medical device entrepreneur) and also teach others at Australia’s leading start-up accelerator.


Together, we are going to start making your idea a reality. So let’s start at the very beginning.


As a podiatrist you treat various injuries and ailments, and likely use hundreds of different tools. Logic follows that you might question why a particular problem still exists.


Perhaps you are sick and tired of how a certain tool doesn’t quite hit the mark? You are not alone. In fact the question in your mind is probably, ‘Why haven’t these problems been addressed?!’


The very beginning

The hardest thing about inventing a new product is often not knowing the next steps. This fear of the unknown can be overwhelming, paralysing, and even embarrassing. In fact it’s one of the most common reasons that people don’t pursue an idea.


“I have an idea but I don’t know what to do next,” is a common refrain. To overcome this, I want to empower you with one word that will change how you approach all the information that gets thrown at you. Including the articles I will write for you in STRIDE this year.


That word is: ‘yet.’


“I don’t know what to do … yet.”


With that simple word, we are turning what you don’t know into something you will learn. I have witnessed the power of ‘yet’ firsthand; the ability for people to accept what they don’t know and are willing to find out.


So, if you have an idea, then these monthly STRIDE contributions are for you.
Each month I will share tips specifically for podiatrists that will help you to:


  • Navigate your product’s design and manufacturing
  • Develop its brand identity and;
  • Even sell and market it.


These are all things you might not know… yet.


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