What does the collaboration between Bared Footwear and the Australian Podiatry Association meant to you?   

From the very beginning, podiatry has been a really important part of the business. It was referrals from podiatrists that kept business alive when it was in its infancy. Fifteen years ago, the shoes were pretty terrible but, luckily, our customer service has always been good. So those early customers and loyal podiatrists believed in what I was trying to achieve and have stuck with the business as we have improved and grown. Partnering with the APodA allows us to give back to a profession that has given a lot to us. We love having podiatrists in our shoes and their feedback is invaluable. 


Is there one particular product you are most excited about promoting to podiatrists at this event?

I think the category of our shoes that is really important for podiatrists to be aware of is our corporate shoes for women and our high heels.  


We have grown these categories significantly over the past few years due to the demand. After living in sneakers and home boots for two years, women want to look great but are not willing to go back to painful shoes. Our high heels are as comfortable as you can get in a heel; offering a stable base, good fixation and forefoot cushioning, without compromising on style.   


Our men’s shoes are also worth podiatrists knowing more about. Our men’s range are all made in Portugal, the quality is incredible, and all have flexible fitting options to accommodate different width feet. It’s really tricky to find a men’s business shoe that caters for orthotics! 


What do you wish more podiatrists understood about Bared Footwear?

I suppose, the main things that I want everyone to know about Bared is that we make really comfortable shoes, and we have the best people to look after our customers.  


We say that, “We will never leave you in shoes that you don’t love” – and we mean it. 


A huge focus of our business now is the environment. We understand that fashion industry is responsible for 10 per cent of annual global carbon emissions and is a huge contributor to the worlds landfill, with 92 million tonnes of textiles waste produced every year. 


We understand that we are a part of the problem, and we are passionate about becoming a part of the solution.  


Over the past few years, we have searched the globe to find the most innovative bio-based materials to construct our shoes. The journey is long and incredibly frustrating at times, but it is also really rewarding as we implement these new materials into our shoes.  


In 2022 we transitioned all our footbeds from Polyurethane (made from non-renewable Petroleum) to our B.plantfoam which is 72 per cent bio based and is created using 70 per cent less carbon than petroleum-based footbeds.  


In 2023 we are introducing a 100 per cent bio based sole and a 100% bio-based leather alternative upper material. 


I am so proud that Bared is one of the first brands in the world to be using these materials and we are definitely on the right path to achieve our mission of creating a shoe that is 100% bio based and can break down, leaving no nasties in our soil.  


Where can podiatrists find out more?

Our website has all the up-to-date information regarding new styles, and what we’re up to in the space of innovation and working towards a more sustainable product.


We truly care about podiatrists, which is why we have our own podiatrist to assist them with any enquiries. You can contact Alysha at healthpro@bared.com.au or give her a call, she’s always happy to have a chat.  


We offer podiatrists 25 per cent off our full-priced range, year-round as well as a 10 per cent off referral code to provide to their patients. Reach out to Alysha and she can provide you with all the details.  


We hold regular in-store CPD events too, you’ll find out about these by being on our mail list. 


We can’t wait to see the team from Bared Footwear at the Bared x APodA Conference After Party! Register for this not-to-be-missed event after you have booked your conference ticket.