Our thinking behind this important piece of work is that we want to all be ahead of the curve when it comes to understanding future opportunities and hurdles; to more effectively influence – and respond to – emerging trends.


Reading and processing this report represents a valuable use of your time. This document offers a unique description of intelligent predictions about the future of podiatry, made by hundreds of industry informants from across Australia.


APodA has gone to great lengths to use its influence as the peak body for podiatry in Australia, to consolidate a range of insights into the report. These insights come from the following informants:


  • Sector surveying: We sent a survey to all members, of which over 160 podiatrists responded. We asked for our members’ predictions and opinions on a wide range of issues including clinical practice, business practices, customer needs, workforces, technology and specific settings.
  • Expert groups: The report served to convene expert groups and industry leaders. This included highly experienced private practitioners, those working in public settings, researchers and academics, advocates and peak body leaders, and those working in both primary and acute (surgical) care. Specific expertise brought by these expert groups includes paediatrics, diabetic foot disease, patient-centred care models, commercial private practice business models and technology.
  • APodA Board: The APodA Board has overseen this project, and ensured content accuracy and relevance during the development of this information.
  • Consultant synthesis: We engaged Andrew Hollo, of Workwell Consulting, to work with us on the above process.


If you haven’t already read this document, please download the report now. It identifies emerging influences that may impact your role in the future. Not only this, but it can help you to maximise future opportunities (and challenges) so you can be ahead of the curve; even before it begins to take shape.

Download the 'Stepping Up - Podiatry 2030' report