Q: So, what has been happening lately over at Power Diary?

A: Some pretty exciting developments are taking place. We’ve just released the first in-platform health practice operations manual, which we believe will be a game changer for practice owners. 

Q: How does the operations manual work?

A: Not only does it sit within our customer’s existing practice management software platform but it’s adaptable in that it offers a core set of policies and procedures which any practice can configure to meet their needs. Over 100 of these templates are available, which were developed by healthcare practice managers and administrative experts with more than 50 years of combined experience. We’re proud of the work that has gone into it and really believe it will greatly benefit Power Diary practitioners and business owners.


To put this into context, let’s say you’re looking to devise policies around team support and development, or customer service, or confidentiality and privacy – this in-platform manual contains this information, all ready for you to use. Not only this, but it’s completely configurable to suit your own practice. 

Q: How does it work exactly on a day to day basis?

A: Well, we knew accessibility was key, so not only can you change existing content, add in words, or archive and delete items; but these templates are easily accessed by all staff. This means no more sharing different versions of different draft policies with colleagues. Now everyone in the practice can log in and access the same policy, no matter which stage of drafting it’s at. So if any content changes require review by other colleagues, it’s all there in this one centralised place to access in real-time. Then once everyone is happy with the final draft, it becomes an official policy or procedure, stored in the same platform for reference. This offers a much simpler way to draft and finalise policies and procedures; best of all, you’re working with templates that have been written by experienced health professionals. The hard work has already been done, and that’s where the value lies. 

Q: Who do you think will benefit most from this product?

A: Broadly speaking, we’re really excited about the potential of this operations manual for all practice managers. But even more specifically, we know this product will connect with new and established practitioners who perhaps seek guidelines, protocols and best practices for their own practice. It’s about streamlining these processes through one central offering and the benefits are tangible when it comes to quality improvement, patient care, and cost control. 

Q: Where can people go to learn more? 

A:  Head to powerdiary.com and all the information is there. From there, you can access a free 14 day trial, and the team at Power Diary will even migrate your data and provide training free of charge. Plus, if you decide to continue using Power Diary you’ll receive a special offer of 50% off your first six months.

More information

Head here to read Power Diary’s latest practice management blog on why they believe a practice operations manual is a must for any clinic. 

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