Our classifieds are very popular among podiatrists who hire across a range of roles and locations. Did you also know that our classifieds are:

  • Where clinical roles and research roles are advertised. These roles relate not just to the podiatry sector but also other industry entities. Keep an eye out if this appeals to you and don’t forget to let fellow members know!
  • Where practices and items are for sale. If you’re looking to buy an established podiatry practice this is your go to source!
  • A great way to save money. As a member benefit, you can save $400 for each classifieds advert you post (and this includes a social media post to our Facebook state groups).
  • A great place to find a graduate. If you’re considering employing a graduate for the new year, September and October is the time to start the recruitment process with a job advert on the classifieds page.  And if you’re after HR tips on graduate recruitment go to the HR portal for the latest recruitment ‘how to’ recruitment guides (including contract templates and rates of pay).

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