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Q: When treating DVA patients, can you use and claim electrophysical therapies? i.e. laser therapy for fungal nail, shockwave therapy?




You can only claim for electrophysical therapy if:

  • there is evidence-based research to validate that specific intervention for the client’s referred condition
  • the treatment is clinically necessary


For all other electrophysical therapy treatments you need to get prior approval from DVA before you commence treatment. You will also need prior approval for:

  • laser therapy for fungal nails
  • low-level laser for soft tissue conditions
  • shockwave therapy


DVA will not pay for non-evidence based treatments including:

  • dry needling
  • myofascial release
  • trigger-point therapy


You can only claim for the following treatments if they are clinically necessary for the patient’s specific, referred condition:

  • paraffin wax bath
  • feet joints manipulation


Clinical decisions about the number of treatments should be evidence-based and have measurable outcomes. For example, a paraffin wax bath is not necessarily justified for every repeat visit.


In exceptional circumstances, you may claim payment for treatments not included in the Schedule of Fees, if they can be clinically justified for the client’s referred condition and/or are evidence-based. You must ask the DVA for prior approval before providing the treatment.


To submit a request, please complete the D1328 Treatment Prior Financial Approval Request Form and email it to To find out more contact the DVA on 1800 550 457.


Here is another useful link to refer to: DVA arrangements for podiatrists | Department of Veterans’ Affairs


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