The Australian Podiatry Association (APodA) strives to continually review best practice and evidenced-based standards of podiatric care. It also strives to improve treatment plans and service deliveries that are both safe and effective for our national podiatry workforce. There is an enormous depth of knowledge held within journal articles and the APodA wants to assist members to read, review and disseminate this knowledge into their every day practices. 

As one of APodA’s newest initiatives, Journal Club offers a suite of member-only resources to help podiatrists to fulfil continuing professional development (CPD) within the ‘self directed learning’ category of required CPD hours. 


How is it structured? 

You will be able to complete Journal Club in your own time, when it suits you.

Here’s how it works. 

Once you are logged in, you will be directed to the seven e-course learning modules, which will upskill you to feel comfortable reading and understanding published literature. Then you can select a free-to-access journal article in an area of your choosing: Paediatrics, Musculoskeletal, High Risk Foot, Dermatology, Enhanced Scope of Practice and Core Podiatry.

Once you have selected your area, you can use the free-to-access ‘Critical Appraisal Tool’ to read and critically appraise your chosen journal article. At the completion of the tasks, keep your completed critical appraisal tool and ‘log’ of time spent as a record of your CPD attainment.

How has this come about? 

These resources are made possible from the generous donation of Associate Professor Steven Milanese, Program Director of the Masters of Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy degree program and Director of the International Centre for Allied Health Evidence at the University of South Australia. 

Associate Professor Milanese generously donated the extensive How to read research learning modules These three hours of e-course learning are a true bonus for members only. We are extremely grateful to Steven for his donation and support of our podiatry profession. 

What are the benefits to a journal club?


As well as promoting evidence-based practice, this journal club provides a platform for collaborative learning. This is a place for APodA members to share their perspectives, experiences, and interpretations of research articles. Not only does this foster critical thinking and encourage deeper discussion but it also promotes networking opportunities which can lead to interdisciplinary collaborations and referrals.  


There are so many positive outcomes in store for Journal Club participants, which will deliver even more value to your membership experience. 


What’s in it for you? 

  • Enjoy exclusive member-only activities as a FREE members benefit. 
  • Watch over three hours of research modules, Category I and II CPD . 
  • Participate in self-directed learning, Category IV CPD. 
  • Complete all of these activities in your own time, on-line and in the comfort of your own home…. or indeed between patients in your clinic.
  • Keep up to date with the latest research from our very own Journal of Foot and Ankle Research 


Where can I learn more about this topic?  

There are plenty of studies in existence on this journal clubs, particularly in the context of allied health.

A good start is to head to the Journal of Foot and Ankle Research. The following studies may also be useful: 



How can I get involved?


Keep an eye out for the launch of Journal Club. Updates will be shared across our social media channels and email communications.