The MIP group provides a platform for members to come together, and share knowledge and experiences related to the use of medicines in a podiatry setting.  Are you interested in the latest drug therapies for common foot and ankle conditions? Do you have questions about the safe and effective use of medications in your practice? Whatever your interest, the MIP group is the perfect place for you to connect with like-minded colleagues and stay abreast of the latest developments in this field. 

As a member of the MIP you can expect a range of benefits, including: 

  • Access to a dedicated online community where you can connect with other members, share resources, and collaborate on projects related to medicines. 
  • Opportunities to attend MIP specific CPD events including webinars, online case studies, and virtual meetings focused on drug therapy and their use in podiatry 
  • The chance to participate in MIP projects, advocacy campaigns and other initiatives related to medicines in podiatry 
  • Exclusive access to MIP specific resources, including templates, guidance material, reports and articles
  • The ability to network and build relationships with other members who are endorsed prescribers.

A special offer is available for existing members or joining members who renew or join before 13th June 2023. These members can add the MIP special interest group to their membership at no cost, usually valued at $55 per annum.  To join the MIP, simply tick the MIP special interest group checkbox at the time of renewing or joining. 

We are excited to kick off this new special interest group and look forward to exploring the latest developments and building resources for our prescribing members.