If you are a member of the Australian Podiatry Association (APodA), you may already be aware that the Member Assistance Program functions similarly to an employee assistance program. It is designed to provide support and guidance on a range of personal and work-related issues.


Offering up to four free counselling sessions per year, the Member Assistance Program offers a safe and confidential space where you can discuss a wide range of issues.  


Whether you’re experiencing work-life balance concerns, personal relationship challenges, workplace bullying, addiction issues, interpersonal conflicts, financial difficulties, grief, loss, trauma, or mental health struggles, the program’s counsellors are here to support you. These professionals specialise in providing short-term, professional assistance tailored to your unique needs. 


Why choose the Member Assistance Program 

The APodA partners with Converge International, a reputable organisation that specialises in providing independent and confidential counselling services. The Member Assistance Program aims to help you manage and overcome various concerns that may impact your personal and professional life. By offering a safe and non-judgmental environment, the program encourages open and honest discussions, leading to improved mental well-being and resilience. 


How to access the Member Assistance Program

This is a straightforward process that ensures your convenience and privacy. Here are the steps you can take to book a counselling session: 


Step 1: Contact the program using one of the following methods:  

  • Phone: Call 1300 687 327 and speak to an intake officer who will assist you in scheduling an appointment at a time that suits you. 
  • Mobile app: Download the ‘EAP Connect’ app to book your appointment conveniently. 
  • Website: Visit convergeinternational.com.au and click on ‘Contact Us’ to access the program’s contact information. 


Step 2: At the agreed-upon appointment time, a counsellor will reach out to you via phone or arrange a face-to-face meeting at one of Converge International’s national locations. 


Additional resources and support  

In addition to counselling services, Converge International provides a wealth of helpful resources that you can access for further support. Some of these resources include downloadable tips on anxiety management strategies as well as mental health and stress management techniques. These resources offer valuable information and strategies to help you navigate through challenging times and promote overall well-being. 


Take advantage of this service to enhance your overall wellbeing and find the support you need. Remember, help is just a phone call away, 24/7, 365 days a year.