Travis Eadie and Nathan Eadie are the co-founders of Doc Sols, which – according to the proud directors – is “set to revolutionise the world of orthotics”.

Here’s more background on the technology:

  • Doc Sols’ free app enables podiatrists to capture scans, analyse and design with the aid of the Dset portal (Doc Sols Eye Technology), which is Doc Sols’ artificial intelligence software.
  • This AI computer technology allows podiatrists to assess and interpret biomechanical measurements. It’s never been easier to prescribe orthotics and it can open the door to a wealth of opportunities for a podiatrist’s practice.
  • Doc Sols software utilises lattice structures in 3D printed digital foam (TPU). In-house software integrates seamlessly with a state-of-the-art printing platform to produce, “the most prescriptive orthotic in the market”, says Travis.

Travis shares his thoughts on the potential impact of this technology. “Doc Sols is a world-first and the leader in advanced orthotic delivery and design, making it a game-changer in the field of podiatry,” he explains.

“Doc Sols is a company that is changing the way podiatrists prescribe orthotics,” agrees co-founder Nathan. “The company provides support every step of the way, and with our progressive printing platform, podiatrists can be confident in the quality of their orthotics.”

To learn more about Doc Sols, visit their website or email Travis Eadie at

Or learn more at the upcoming Australian Podiatry Conference in Brisbane, where Doc Sols will connect with the wider podiatry community.