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Conference corner: up for discussion

By Phil McShane
Business Development Manager
Join our three ambassadors in this video, as they reflect on the role of collaboration and innovation in podiatry.
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Here Dr Angela Evans AM, Prof Hylton Menz and Prof Joshua Burns discuss issues such as:

  • Non-communicable diseases globally relating to foot health
  • Developmental focus in children
  • Collection of data from patients including biometrics
  • Urban changes including scalability and how to deliver care on a broader scale through urban areas, as well as regional and remote areas
  • Opportunities for extending scope of practice, including through collaboration
  • New technologies to assist patient management and compliance including wearable sensors/tracking apps.


We hope to see you at the digital conference which runs between 3 to 17 July this year. Our ambassadors will continue to share their expertise by shining a light on the conference’s key take-outs at the end of each day.


See you there!