NSW Health has created a video which allied health professionals should be proud to share.  

Called ‘Allied Health – every step of the way’ it shows the depth and breadth of professionals who work in the allied health sector, with podiatrists in the spotlight at the 2:50 mark. 

The rationale behind the video is explained as follows: 

Many people in the community may not know who allied health professionals are. They may know they were treated by a physio or saw the social worker. Patients may say that someone in a teal-green shirt was really kind or provided great care, and they wanted to thank them, but didn’t know who they were. One of the special aspects of allied health is that it includes disciplines that engage with a person’s life from birth right through to end of life and afterwards. Workforce Planning and Talent Development branch aimed to capture this in short film to tell this story and to help people understand more about the allied health workforce. 

The short film features allied health professionals and multidisciplinary teams from NSW Health. It expresses allied health being in patients’ lives all along, at the heart of their care, every step of the way.

Advocacy takes many forms, and the simple act of sharing this video amongst your patient networks can go a long way to show how important allied health is in our communities across Australia.