As we settle into 2022 many of us are finally able to refocus on what is important in our own career pathways and the wider podiatry profession. Questions start to emerge that can only be answered through collaboration, such as: ‘What plans exist for the future of the podiatry profession in light of ongoing industry impacts?’ Or: ‘How will new technology shape, disrupt or support the health landscape – and how will these changes impact us as podiatrists, and our patients and communities?”

These are just some of the conversations we’ll be sharing at our upcoming Sydney ‘Refresh and Reconnect’ event, which runs across 27 to 28 May this year in Darling Harbour.

‘Shining a light on the future of podiatry’ is set to tackle the big issues we all face, such as future economic, social and technological shifts, and their impact on the role of podiatrists, alongside a review of changing service delivery models and their future relevance.  

Leading these discussions is a range of future-focussed leaders, researchers, and clinicians who will share their insights into impending global changes; alongside how our profession can prepare for these inevitable shifts (and major changes). Together we will discuss the role of  innovation in models of care, different funding systems, changing clinical standards and new technology developments for clinicians.

Be part of the next revolution within the podiatry profession by becoming part of the ‘Refresh and Reconnect’ event in Sydney. 

Let’s pause together to shine the light on the future of podiatry, for everyone’s sake. 

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