APodA advocacy update

APodA advocacy update

By Nello Marino
CEO - Australian Podiatry Association

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AGM reports now available

If you haven’t already, take a look at the CEO Report and President Report from our 2021 AGM. It tracks the events of what was a devastating year for many, as well as highlighting developments such as:


  • Consolidating the role of APodA as a peak body: Apart from reorienting many of the face-to-face service offerings such as CPD, the APodA became a critical source of accurate, reliable information for the membership and many of the broader profession across 2020.
  • Reduction in member fees: Member fees were reduced by 25% in recognition of the need to provide relief. This came with an increase in services including more regular communication, discounted online and hybrid CPD, the renegotiation of member professional indemnity and public liability insurance that saw a 40% reduction in premiums.
  • APodA rebrand: A rebrand unfolded to celebrate a more contemporary APodA brand.
  • Increased member support: Access was set up to an industry-first member assistance program, which enabled any member to access counselling free of charge, no questions asked.
  • Increased member engagement: Member-access measurably increased to our member HR Service through the APodA HR team.


The face of membership also changed, with the following developments flagged at our recent AGM.


  • Increasing member numbers: Membership increased in the 2020/21 year by over 22%. As of April 2021, membership sits at 3233 which includes about 600 students and new graduates. This is more members than ever.
  • Increasing member engagement: We saw record numbers at our online events and an extremely positive response to many of the communications and messaging.


More information

Head here to read the full 2021 AGM minutes and accompanying reports.